Silicone Free Shampoo To Fix Dry Damaged Hair

Silicone has a bad reputation, as it is supposed to pollute the environment and are harmful to our scalp. So it is preferable to use Silicone Free Shampoo. But what is behind this change?

Many products contain silicone, Whether shampoos, conditioners or Haa maces. However, more and more experts and beauty bloggers advise against renouncing this synthetic additive these days. However, silicones are really harmful to the hair? We informed you!

Silicone Free Haircare Routine Is A Sensible Beauty Investment! Know How In This Video

Shampoo With Silicone – Why It Is Being Criticised?

Silicone Free Shampoo for beauty

Silicones settle on the hair scalps and make the hair supple. It gives the feeling that, the hair is healthy and softer.

But experts warn: silicones, which are not washed out, are deposited on the scalp and it forms a film that seals the hair. This silicone deposit is a reason about why hair can not be dyed properly.

The worst consequence of the deposits: The hair becomes heavy and dries under the silicone layer. This so-called build-up effect means that important care products can not be absorbed by the hair. In addition, silicones are not biologically degradable and thus pose a threat to the environment when they get into rivers, lakes and groundwater.

Silicone Free Shampoo: What Do You Have To Pay Attention To When Shopping?

Do you want to change to Silicone Free Shampoo? Then you should pay attention to certain names in the ingredients during the purchase. Often silicones have the suffix “-cone” and “-xane”.Natural cosmetics brands like Weleda or Lavera offer Silicone Free Shampoo and paraffins. But also many other manufacturers, such as Nivea, now have Silicone Free Shampoo on offer.

Our tip: If you are unsure, then proceed to products that have been certified by BDIH or NATURE.

Silicone Free Shampoo: We have tested it!

 Here You Have Big Choice for Silicone Free Shampoos – Check It Out!

Despite the deleterious effects of silicones, many women do not want to do without this chemical additive because they fear that the hair will become dull.

We have tested Silicone Free Shampoo and were also somewhat sceptical at the beginning. After the first two weeks of the test, there is no big difference. The hair is at most a little drier.

But we can soothe you: It takes at least two weeks until the old silicones are completely washed out of the hair. After a month, the hair is more supple, more brittle and more healthy.

Our conclusion: Silicone Free Shampoo is not just hype, but a sensible investment in the health of our hair and also for the environment!



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