Simple Ways to Improve the Value of Your Home

For most people their home is their biggest and most expensive asset as well as a place to live. Improve the Value of your home is a good way to your boost your quality of life and also increase the overall value of the property.

Improve the ValueIf you are planning to sell, some house buyers will be looking for a ‘project’ to do up, but the reality is that most people looking for a new home will want something that’s in good order, nicely decorated and doesn’t have lots of annoying little jobs needing attention.

Improve the Value of your home with the best interiors

Whatever your motivation for increasing the value of your home, there are a number of things you can do. Presentation is everything. A home that looks well cared for and smart will not only feel nicer to live in but, if you are selling, will probably sell more quickly than a similar but shabby property.

The key is a well decorated interior and exterior, with no hint of any potential problems, even if they are historic i.e. a damp patch or cracking.

If you do have any structural issues get these fixed before painting and decorating. When it comes to choosing how to decorate your home it’s always best to stick to classic colours and styles unless your property is highly unusual or quirky.

Pale, neutral colours reflect light and make rooms seem more spacious than dark, matte colours. If you’re struggling between various shades of cream and beige it can be simple and effective simply to paint the whole property white. It makes it easy to touch up little marks too.

The importance of the outdoor space

Don’t forget the outside when decorating. Make sure window frames and sills are in good condition as any hint of having to replace or repair rotten windows can put off buyers and shave thousands off an asking price.

Still outside, add window boxes for a homely touch and keep any front garden space neat and tidy, with easy to maintain trees, shrubs or plants.

If you have a garden it can be a real selling point. Consider your target market and add value by making appropriate changes. A home with children in it will nearly always benefit from having a lawn instead of decking or paving, but do have a patio if you can fit one in and set it up with a table and chairs to demonstrate how the family can eat outside. This is always an appealing notion.

Keep any outside space in tip top condition as fears of lots of maintenance can be off putting for buyers. Weed free paths and freshly mown grass give the right message.

Indoors, make sure your electrics are safe and up to date. Think about making subtle but effective changes such as new light sockets or smarter light fittings to give your property a boost.

Should your home need re-wiring, then get this done for your own safety and, if selling, to ensure a smooth sale as re-wiring will be picked up in a survey. The same applies to the plumbing system.



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