Social Media & E-Cards – A Strong Bond

Business practices during the last few years have been transformed and mostly dominated by thought leaders. Social media has been at the centerfold of this change and allows brands and businesses to explore new options. Sending out greeting messages through E-Cards is a custom among all business organizations and companies. Usually a formality, it has now been transformed at an active site of communication thanks to social media.

Sending out greeting messages through E-Cards is a custom among all business organizations and companies.

The biggest asset that social media has brought to the business Eco-sphere is the massive leads that brands can generate. Secondly, the level of communication is direct and mostly personal. Thirdly, the feedback loop among the public and companies has been greatly improved. Most important of all is the fact that social media is an integrative application, allowing companies to customize E-Cards according to event or occasions.
Social media marketing through E-Cards

Help in creating a special bond

Business greeting cards or E-Cards sent out through social media help in creating a special bond. The visually engaging content allows better brand promotion and recognition of your clients and business partners. The diversity of people on social media allows you to explore multiple themes without adding to your budget costs.

Targeting your employees

Since the success of social media, having an active social media profile is a must for all businesses. So it is quite natural to assume that all your business contacts would be on social network sites. Using integrative technologies such as smartphone apps, it is possible not only to target your clients but also dole out workplace E-Cards, targeting your employees.

Become more personal

Your social media interaction with your employees is important since it acknowledges what they are doing for their companies. Another thing is that it allows the interaction to become more personal, thus keeping your employee happy and satisfied.

Viral method for your brand promotion and recognition

E-Cards on social media are a viral method for your brand promotion and recognition. This can be seen quite recently when the Royal Baby of Princess Kate Middleton was born. Immediately brands posted E-Cards on different social network sites. These cards were sent out to different people and were also shared by the general public. So this led to a viral promotion of different brands. This is a simple example of numerous ways how businesses can transcend generic marketing strategies the social way.

Keep your client hooked

The underlying principle of interaction with your customers is to create an interpersonal relationship which results in brand loyalty. Social media and greeting cards allow you to do that in a simple manner. Greeting cards with rewards schemes on social networking site keep your client hooked. It is also creates within them a need to keep visiting your social media profile to know about any latest update. So this creates a cyclical process in which you can keep your existing and target market in check.

Increases your ROI for marketing

Companies now have specialized hierarchies within their organisation for social media promotion. It is vital that this division isn’t treated as exclusive but inclusive in all company matters. Merging greeting cards with social media also allows your corporate communications area to improve and also increases your ROI for marketing. As time would go by, social media would evolve further. Those who are currently on the learning curve are bound to benefit from it.

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