Super Sharp: Apple MacBook Pro Retina Screen

A number of months the rumor mill about the new MacBook Pro already started to run until last night Apple CEO Tim Cook announced the next generation MacBook (Super Sharp: Apple MacBook Pro Retina Screen) during WWDC 2012. The new high-end laptop is super fast, quiet, thin, and light and also has a retinal display.

Apple – Ready To Set New Trend


The arrival of the new MacBook Pro means an end to the era of using CDs, DVDs and similar slices, as a disk drive, it does not, as well as an Ethernet port. Apple plans by means of accessories for the two Thunderbolt ports such wired Internet connections still possible. All this has ensured that the new model is only 1.8 cm thick and weighs 2.2 kg.

Apple MacBook Pro

The speed has not suffered, because with an Intel i7 quad-core processor and NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M graphics card is the new model perfectly suited for each job. To complete all the Macbook Pro is equipped with up to 768 GB of flash storage and a maximum of 16GB of internal memory, so you have no more trouble with noisy hard drives.

Besides the iPhone and iPad, the MacBook Pro finally has a Retina display. With a resolution of 2880 x 1800 pixels, the new model over 3 million pixels more than a normal HD TV. On display are photos, videos and characters much greater detail. Many apps will soon be updated to the new screen support.

Fears of empty batteries are unnecessary; the new MacBook Pro still has an unmodified battery life of 7 hours. For connecting peripherals have two USB 3.0 ports, 2 Thunderbolt ports, HDMI port, headphone jack and an SD card reader.

All other MacBook Pros and MacBook Air are also updated by Apple. Most progress can be found under the hood as new Intel processors Ivy Bridge in the MacBook Air, USB 3.0 and better graphics performance. It is also a model died – the 17 “MacBook Pro is not renewed and is removed from the line.

All MacBook’s are now available in the Apple Store.




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