Valuable Details About Men’s Jewelry

The jewelry for men are a very sensitive subject, I state it once, but I think it’s time to deal with it because we usually see things that humans can not understand and I do not plan to be considered an accomplice, even with my silence about it.

Men in the history of jewelry

The jewelry for men

On closer inspection, the beginning of the goldsmith jewels for man served to distinguish the authorities, the military ethics, courage and strength . It’s not easy to believe but but it’s true, until the eighteenth century there was a big contrast between women’s jewelry and men’s jewelry because both of them were wearing it with the same affectation.

Wanting to dig in the history, the jewelry for men have a great importance in different eras and past civilizations: humanism to the Renaissance, from the 700 to the English lords of the eighteenth century. Yes: the luxury for a man was expressed not only through his clothes, but also with the pearl jewelry , precious stones and diamonds to wear .

The jewelry for men as gifts

The occasions when giving jewelry to a man out there, from Christmas to birthdays, from promotions to anniversaries. But the question is always the same: and now what can I buy ??

If we talk about men’s jewelry talk about details, but it is the details that make all the elegance of a man that know how to choose makes a difference. So, let’s clarify our ideas together, at least in general terms, then if you need a specific idea just comment below and I will respond to the comment!

The modern conception of jewelry for men

Returning to the present, you might have noticed that it happens quite often see men who believe that they still live in the past and they wear with inexplicable nonchalance pearls , diamonds and colored stones. Not to mention the amount of metal that carry backs. But let us not speak of incomprehensible fashions launched on TV that have little to do with the jewels and with the rules of etiquette for jewelry .

I think the jewelry for men should be understood as genuine accessories look , functional to make it more elegant, chic or even original and simply symptomatic of personality, as well as good taste means.

Needless to say that if a woman can feel good (in certain circumstances and with certain look, mind you!) A gaudy jewel, the first rule of men’s jewelry is that they must be discreet, very discreet indeed .

It is a pair of twins or button covers , a bracelet or other, however, should not be too obvious. The jewelry for men must be a detail that does not attracts the attention of the beholder , and if it happens it is not good nor right thing.

Another exception applies to the watch, always the one true jewel that serves to embellish a man .The jewelry for men

As you already know, the ultimate accessory for man is and always a watch and will remain in future as well, there is something for all tastes and for all budgets, so far I have commented on some brands ( Cartier , Chopard , Longines , Locman , Montblanc , Omega , Tudor ), but little by little i will try to cover a bit all the historical brand of watches.

That said, in jewelry you will also find other interesting proposals for a men’s gift. Tie clips (although I do not exclude that it can make a comeback soon), key rings and gain position are always the practical money clips .

Another evergreen is the men’s bracelet , the choice here is multiple, but I must state that a current trend is to add more bracelets of different genres and materials. Here, if you already for women I feel uncomfortable for the multiplication of the wrist bracelets and trinkets for the effect, imagine how little men think about this practice. In recent years it has spread among men fashion wear thin tennis bracelets with small white diamonds or blacks . I personally love tennis bracelets because they are delicate and fine, but I consider them also predominantly female jewelry.

The twins and button coversThe jewelry for men

A small separate discussion do it for the twins , which are usually associated with elegant occasions: a cocktail, a gala event or an important dinner. Of course, an overly sporty look would do to blows, but when you have a young, essential design also consider them perfect for a young casual or for an ordinary working day.

Many underestimate, then the convenience of button covers which can be used with any shirt and go to simply cover the cuff buttons. I find them a solution chic and practical, which can also be used with casual attire.

As a matter of elegance when worn with the jacket twins or button covers. that must has to stay always a bit out and be seen, That’s why the shirt should always be a centimeter longer than the jacket.

But there is no reason that they can also be worn without a jacket and maybe even with jeans, in this case, choosing them with a very simple design and young.

I would avoid colored gemstones – except for blue sapphires. And maybe if you want to wear something colorful, would opt rather for twins / enameled button covers, although they are a bit more delicate.



D.P. Ranpariya

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