The Revolution in the Lightning Industry

They may cost a little more at the time of purchase; but one can actually save a lot of money by replacing their traditional lighting system with the new-age LED bulbs. The unique point about these bulbs is that they use light emitting diodes (hence the name LED) as the source of their light whereas most other bulbs use outdated technology as well as expensive fuel for the same purpose. Consequently, non-LED bulbs use more energy to produce the same amount of light and hence, consumers have to pay more in terms of electricity bills. Moreover, by efficient use of energy, LED bulbs not only save money for the user, but also help to keep the globe cooler and our environment safer. What is more, they have a long service life and usually outlive most other bulbs by quite a few years.

4 Things You Must Know About LED Bulbs

LED bulbs

Energy saving & Efficient-

Therefore, we can safely say that such bulbs do not cost as much as they seem to at the time of purchase. Experts are of the opinion that the LED light bulbs for home save an approximate amount of $400 during their lifespan. Besides, they generate very negligible heat. There is no additional pressure on the air conditioner and one saves money on that too. That they last longer is also another added advantage; there too one can save a lot of money. Therefore, it is plain that, these LED bulbs are ideal for use at homes or even at workplaces.  However, one should consider certain factors first.

Buying good quality LED bulbs –

There are plenty of stores, where one will come across LED bulbs for home. However, it is always better to buy from those who are offering warranted products. If the bulb develops any defect within the warranty period, they are ready to do the repair work or replace the product free. The shape is an issue, which also requires special mention. It can be in the shape of a floodlight or even a candle light. It is purely from a decorative point of view. However, if one seeks to cover a large area then floodlights are a better option. Then the other factor, which requires focus are brightness and energy efficiency of these lights. Of course, in some countries, government legislations have made it mandatory for LED bulbs to be at least 30% more efficient than the normal



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