Tyre Advice For Your Bike

The tyres on a two wheeler can be one of the most critical components and needs to be taken very seriously. Mostly, any new bike comes with a pre-fitted pair of tyres. There are some bike manufacturers who do give an option to buyers who can choose from more than one brand and between tyre specifications. There are even some models that give the options of alloy wheels.

For new bikes that come pre-fitted with tyres, there is still a lot of thought that the biker needs to give post purchase. Not only do tyres promise a comfortable ride, they are also life saving and are one of the top considerations for safety. Maintaining the pair of tyres can be easy, if done regularly. A lot of bikers get too obsessed with the cosmetic aspects of the bike but a good rider knows that it is important to get the basics right for all the bikes weather it is a sport bike or commuter bike in India.

New tyres should be rode in for the first 200-250 kms so that it rests securely in the rim and also gets a feel of the road. The initial ride or rides should be without too much friction or skidding. Similarly, too much acceleration or sudden braking should also be avoided. Tyres that are broken into carefully and maintained well can have a much longer life.

For Your Bike
Tyre Advice For Your Bike

Besides the safety aspect, the fact that there is no spare tyre as is available in a four wheeler makes it all the more reason why it’s important to keep the two tyres in ship shape. Inspection of the tyres should be done periodically. Any instances of scuff marks or, even worse, any nails or glass shards that are sticking to the tyre should be immediately dealt with. Sometimes, tubeless tyres can be deceptive as air may not leak all at once. While washing the bike, tyres also should be thoroughly cleaned

Two wheelers are more susceptible to skidding and tipping over. So, good tyres can be the difference between good handling of the bike and a comfortable ride. Not only does it render an enjoyable ride but also is important from the safety point of view.

Tyre Advice

When it is time to change the tyres, any new purchase should be only keeping in mind the specifications already given by the manufacturer. Whether it is the rim size or the tyre tread and depth, it is dangerous to experiment or deviate from given specifications. Also, retreaded tyres should be avoided. If the existing tyres are wearing out, they must be replaced only with new ones.

Last but not the least, one of the basic disciplines to be adhered to is maintaining correct tyre pressure all throughout. Whenever one goes to fill fuel, tyre pressure also needs to be checked.

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