How to Get a Great Deal When You Sell Car

If you’re looking for a used cars in Norfolk at your local dealership and have a vehicle to trade in how can you be sure you’ll get the best deal possible? Follow our simple guidelines and make the most of your old car’s bargaining potential.

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It’s important to have an idea of how much your current car is worth, so you can have an informed conversation with the dealer and use your knowledge to bargain successfully.

Play clever and do your research to find a good valuation for your current car. There are various ways you can do this. A good start is to go on-line and search for ‘used car valuations’ this will show you lots of sites where you can enter your car make, model and year, together with information such as its condition, mileage and any optional extras (enhanced alarm system). Try entering your details on two or three sites to give you an average figure. It’s also a good idea to peruse the classified adverts in your area to firm up your ideas about your car’s value. Print out a copy of your research so you can take it to the dealership when you go to demonstrate that you’ve done your homework.

Smarten Up Your Act

A clean and shiny car will present a better image to the dealer it implies you’ve made an effort and looked after your vehicle. When you’re looking to trade-in used cars in Norfolk, for example, a professional valet will set you back upwards of ¬£30 but it will be worth it if it increases the value of your trade-in. You can also consider touching up any scratches or chips to the paintwork to maximize your car’s selling potential.

Don’t Aim Too High while selling¬†used cars in Norfolk

Having done your research, when you get to the dealership and start negotiations, don’t expect to get the full amount of what your car is worth most dealers will offer you less. This is just good business on their part, as they must put time and effort into reselling your car onward and have to make a profit somehow. If you have realistic expectations and understand that selling your car privately can be time-consuming and expensive, the price you’ll be offered can be seen as ‘convenience money’. The older your car is and the more miles on the clock, the lower the price you’ll be offered.

Use Your Poker Face

In any negotiation, it’s always best to let the other side open the bargaining. Play your cards close to your chest and let the dealer suggest a price for your trade-in. If it’s on or near your researched valuation, you can rest assured it’s a fair price.

Finally, don’t forget that if the price you’ve been offered for your current car isn’t what you expect, you can always walk away and sell your vehicle privately.

Alan Henderson is a seasoned motoring writer. He has been writing for websites and printed media for over 15 years. Alan uses his industry sources to keep abreast of developments in the car resale industry and has a particular interest in monitoring the trade in used cars in Norfolk which is where he lives.




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