ways to wear short jackets in daily life

“Well, the best way to look gorgeous is, to be yourself” is a saying which goes for as long as we all can remember, and you need to wear short jackets.

But being in trend is something which makes you look even sharp and much better than you even expected to be.

Be it the long jackets or the short ones, your looks do get a lot better when you wear clothes in certain combinations.

Trying to wear something along with your t-shirts or shirts before going out is a habit everyone should have adopted by now.


Why wear short jackets?

Wear Short jackets over Black pants

It provides as a perfect layering piece for whatever clothing you have worn it,

be it a T-shirt or a one piece dress. For women with undefined waist length,

short jackets act as the savior of the day by providing them with a well-defined look without compromising on anything.

For those who have short legs or abnormally big ones, a short jacket becomes just the perfect thing for hiding behind.

It doesn’t overcome for your legs when you wanted to look your best for something without the overdoing stuff.


The Versatility of wearing short jackets over long ones:

Be it the casual look, or the formal cropped up jackets and short,

It will provide you with the versatility of a lifetime.

There are no limitations as to where and when you can wear them as compared to the long jackets,

and are generally not preferred during summers because of the heating problem.

They offer a certain playful yet exciting look to your body instead of covering everything up leaving only the face to be admired.


Things to keep in mind while wearing short jackets:

Dresses and Maxis

If you have like really long arms, wearing short jackets might make you look a bit weird.

If you still want to go for this look you can opt for the full sleeved ones,

so that your arms get covered and look as if they are part of your look. If by some chance you have a short torso,

short jackets might just turn out to be the look enhancer you have been looking for all your life.

If you wear short jackets it will suit your appearance and brighten up your looks by miles.


Things you can wear with short jackets

Look Sexy In Skirts and shorts

Well, in reality, short jackets work with almost everything.

But if you pair it up with your one piece dress, for example, your look will just go from ‘wow!’ to ‘superbly wow!’

It’s just incredible how much change of look can be observed with just a minor addition like this in your outfit.

So all in all, short jackets might just be the thing you were looking for all this time.

Try them with a different variety of clothes and see for yourself whether they brighten up your look or not.

You will definitely wear short jackets once you get the outfits which match your style and personality.



D.P. Ranpariya

Dharmil ranpariya Is a Design Professional and has started researching, and writing to share interesting facts about design and trend which can be useful for the readers in some or other way. He started his Design blog www.designcruzer.com in 2012 and sharing beautiful ideas and information about Design and Lifestyle.

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